Fun Facts

      • Louis Tomlinson is the oldest member of the group
      • Niall is a natural brunette and is the only one in the group who has a brother
      • Zayn’s favorite song is “Thriller”’ by Michael Jackson
      • Liam and Louis once straightened Harry’s his curly hair while he was asleep
      • Liam’s nickname for Harry is “Hazza”
      • Niall is left-handed
      • Louis sang “Hey there Delilah” when he auditioned on XFactor
      • Zayn’s celebrity crush is Megan Fox
      • Loui is a relationship kind of guy
      • All 5 boys have matching friendship bracelets
      • Zayn’s first name is actually spelt Zain
      • When Niall gets homesick, the rest of the boys speak to him in an Irish accent
      • Liam and Harry are the tallest at 5’10”, Louis and Zayn are 5’9″ and Niall is 5’7”
      • Harry is the one who came up with the name One Direction

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